FOX Explains Upcoming X-Men TV Series Universe Plans


Legion on FX and X-Men on FOX = LITTY

In just a few weeks, Legion will make its debut on FX, serving as the first live-action X-Men TV series ever. However, FOX is looking to use momentum and develop an upcoming second show from Charles Xavier’s camp. Unlike Legion, which will have its own story, the untitled FOX series will tie directly into the X-Men Movie Universe, which was revealed by show-runner Matt Nix.

He explained that the show exists in the same general universe, and will have several nods to the films. Nix also cited how show will have little filler content, as he’s planning to have just 10-13 episodes per season – with a pilot set to air soon. Look for more information on the upcoming 2018 X-Men effort, that’s also getting close production for an official pilot.


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