H.E.R. & Missy Elliott Star in Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

Missy Elliott teased a commercial with H.E.R. a few weeks ago and now the ad spot is here and it’s for Pepsi and their new Zero Sugar drink. In the 30-second spot, the duo re-imagines The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” with a new twist and a little help from Timbaland. Missy even rapped a short verse for the new-age record.

Here’s what Misdemeanor had to say about working with H.E.R.

“I’ve been following H.E.R.’s career closely; her talent is undeniable. When the opportunity came up, to not just work together but collaborate and create something all our own, we had to make it happen. I called up Timbaland and Sean Bankhead, I got the best of the best to make sure we brought the noise and did Pepsi Zero Sugar right.”

Watch the commercial above, ahead of the Super Bowl.

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