HBO MAX Gives Update on ‘Boondocks’ 2021 Season

Later this year. . .

With HBO gearing up for more simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases this year, information has emerged on of the most-wanted series this year. The Boondocks, which earned an official order for a reboot in 2019, was set to debut last fall.

However, with quarantine still going on, the Warner network delayed multiple releases on HBO MAX, which received a 24-episode order. Luckily, original creator, Aaron McGruder is set to return for the upcoming reboot. It’s now slated to arrive sometime fall 2021, which means an October or November release is likely.

Regina King and Gary Anthony Williams are expected to also return, while a replacement for the late great John Witherspoon hasn’t been revealed yet. Look for HBO to release an official teaser trailer by summer, in preparations for the major drop.

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