HBO Releases Trailer for ‘Mosaic’ Murder Mystery Series

Coming January 22nd to HBO Networks!

Last fall, HBO launched an iOS and Android app for their interactive-mobile limited-series, Mosaic. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the murder-mystery project starred Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, and Frederick Weller. Following back-to-back years of success in the limited-series department (see: The Night Of and Big Little Lies), HBO is looking to continue their current trend.

This winter, the premium network is bringing the mobile series to their network, which will contain bulk elements from the app in a shorter presentation over six consecutive nights. What made the app unique, was the ability for viewers to choose their own character perspective.

However, the mystery end result, still featured the same final outcome – regardless of which character you chose to watch. In the TV presentation, you won’t be able to make those selections; but we’re assuming HBO is intrigued into trying this out on a larger scale down the line.

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