HBO Teases ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season with New Trailer

Part of us thinks that this could be a foreshadow of things to come in Season 8, but there might not be much we can gather from a :54 second teaser. We can always speculate based on the little this Game of Thrones clip may be telling us, though. And it seems like it’s saying a lot.

For one, the clip starts with the ice taking over the map, engulfing the Stark wolf and Targaryen dragon while as it moves forward. Obviously, that’s a nod to the White Walkers only getting stronger with their army.

On the contrast, when the fire starts eating up the map, we see the Lannister lion being burned up and the two sides are going head-to-head in what will be the battle of Fire and Ice. Plus, when you see the fire and ice finally collide, a wall quickly builds protecting the ice, instead of seeing the fire completely melt it.

With Game of Thrones being such a mindfuck over the years, we can only hypothesize that the White Walkers may get the win in this final season, especially with the sheer number of dead on their side. Even if all of the living come together with Dragon Glass and attempt to go to war, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and company are clearly outnumbered. And the Night King is no bitch either. It would be an ending that wouldn’t surprise us, given how the series has operated the past seven years.

Plus, Cersei Lannister is not someone to be trusted. She’d sell her soul to the dead if it meant staying alive. Or bringing her family back.

Until we catch the official trailer or get the final book of the series, we won’t know until at least April when the new season premieres on HBO.

Winter is coming.

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