HBO Debuts First ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Footage

The amusement park returns 2018. . .

With season two production underway this week, Home Box Office network wastes no time with new footage for season two of ‘Westworld.’ Saturday night, at San Diego Comic-Con, HBO shared the official first teaser for the western and sci-fi mash-up series – showcasing an uprising of the robots. The first season, which aired fall 2016, was one of the more beloved new series of all last year.

However, the sophomore season isn’t set to air until late 2018, marking an entire two years since its initial introduction. Viewers were left with a major cliffhanger, following the assassination of park founder, Robert Ford, who was murdered by Dolores Abernathy. This summer, production went under-way just two weeks ago, as the premium channel shockingly offered first footage of the show.

Although no dialogue, we do get a sense, that the robots are starting to learn the game that they’re really apart of, including Thandie opting to not return back to reality. Take a look at the full trailer above and look for more details later in the year regarding when the show will return to TV.

More pictures of the #Westworld cast at the #WestworldSDCC Experience Center at #SDCC2017.

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