Hocus 45th Sends Message to All NYC Gang Members after Major Law Changes Take Effect

Hocus 45th NYC Gang Members Justice Department Law

Stay safe out there everybody. . .

The honorable Hocus 45th of the Bronx borough uptown, shares some details on how people should be moving on the heels the upcoming Mayor election this fall.

Throughout the history of this country, we’ve always seen the news paint black people the worst negative light, from highlighting incidents that happen in certain areas. For whatever reason, black people are singled out as the only race that does anything, when it’s the contrary in comparison to killings happening that don’t involve black people.

To bring attention to a situation of pending martial law set in place for the next possible mayor elected, Hocus 45th sends a warning to all gang members in the city of New York. Due to the rise of violence after the end of quarantine, the New York Justice Department revealed details of their new rules in a letter explained below.

Take a look at the clip and let us know in the comments what you think.

Hocus 45th NYC gang members Justice Department law situation explained, as the city looks to continue efforts in furthering gentrification.

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