How to Get ‘HBO MAX’ Free with May 2020 Launch

Fix the DCU dicks. . .

A few days ago, WarnerMedia formally announced that HBO Max would be launching in May. With a $14.99 per month price-point in play, the streaming service is to directly compete with Netflix, Disney+ and HULU. HBO Max goes live on May 27th, and will feature all content seen on HBO Go, as well as exclusive shows and movies of the WarnerMedia umbrella.

Popular shows like South Park, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl and Friends are set to be apart of its day-one launch. The Entire DC Film Universe will also be exclusive on the service, as well as original series they have planned. However, we’ve broken down key information to know.

How to Get HBO Max Free without paying :

• AT&T Wireless Phone gets HBO Max Access Free One-Year

• HBO Max is FREE for all standard HBO subscribers

• Know somebody with HBO on their cable bill (we’ll be doing this)

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