Your Instagram Stories Will Be Filled With Ads Soon


Instagram is one of the biggest social networks out but they’re still trying to find a way to better monetize their platform. From adding sponsored posts to timelines a while back, now the company is adding ads to their “Stories” feature, much like Snapchat did a while ago.

IG claims that 150 million accounts use the feature a day, since it was launched in August.

According to the New York Times, users will be seeing ads from over 30 companies, including the likes of General Motors, Netflix, Airbnb and Capital One. It will happen in between stories, when a user clicks ahead to see the next story.

“We’ll watch it closely, but I think we’ll introduce it and over time it will be expected just like on home feed — you see the sponsored logo and know ads are just a part of the experience. This is going to be another great part of the experience, and I do think you’ll hear people say, ‘I discovered this from this business because of this story.”

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