Isaiah Thomas Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Complex

Thanks to a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Isaiah Thomas had to change addresses and move to The Land. Live from his new city at Xhibition, Joe La Puma visited with IT to go Sneaker Shopping and speak on fashion, kicks and more.

In the latest episode, he speaks on his dad’s swag growing up, Air Max’s and Jordan sneakers, especially his favorites. He also breaks down some of the shoes he wore during memorable moments on the court, in college and beyond. Aside from that, he talks being teammates with Lebron James, his love and what he’s learned from Kobe Bryant and his favorite Black Mamba shoes. Interestingly, he breaks down which player is the best dressed on the Cavs.

At the end of the clip, he got himself some sneakers and spent about two racks.

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