James Cameron on How Disney Buyout of 21st FOX Could Affect ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Disney with Avatar?

One of the most talked about stories this fall in Hollywood, not named sexual scandals, has been the potential blockbuster Disney acquisition of 21st Century FOX. With talks gaining heavy steam this week, James Cameron is bracing himself for Disney possibly buying his studio home, FOX.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the legendary director-filmmaker touched on the possible purchase and what he thinks about Disney being a backer for his upcoming sequels of Avatar.

He believes that the buyout won’t affect the Avatar franchise much and believes Disney actually at this point in time has a bigger investment in the franchise than FOX. So, with his great relationship with 21st Century FOX or a possible exit to Disney would work for him either way.

Let us know how if you’re in favor of Disney being the distributor for future Avatar films.


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