Jhené Aiko Talks ‘TRIP 17’ Album During Galore Magazine Photo Shoot

New Jhené Aiko album this summer?

It’s hard to believe, but Jhené Aiko has gone nearly three years without a solo album release. While she’s always remained active in the music limelight, and pursuing other ventures as an entrepreneur; the Los Angeles girl still finds time to create ideas for one of her biggest passions.

This week, Ms. Aiko was featured in Galore Magazine, as she made a trip to Chinatown Central Plaza of her hometown for a seducing photo shoot. In the midst of talking about her sexuality, keeping a low profile in the streets and her working relationship with Big Sean for the pending TWENTY88 sophomore effort; she gave a brief update on her next solo project.

Take a look below at Jhené on her TRIP 17 project, which is set to release as soon as possible.

Jhené Aiko on what’s next for her career.
I’ve been working on this project for spring 2017, and I’m just really excited because it’s been a few years of me compiling all these different things and taking the time to create something that I feel like is timeless. Like we were talking about earlier, I’m not really into hyping things up. I’d rather downplay things because whether you like it, hate it, or love it, I’m gonna share it anyway. It’s really for my family that I express myself and turn stuff into art because it’s just me expressing myself. So I am excited to share it and to release it so I can move on.

Whether or not she’s ready to release the project.
I’m thinking as soon as possible, haha.


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