Joe Budden Reflects on Migos Incident on ‘The Therapist’

‘The Therapist’ has provided us with insightful conversations with the likes of Prodigy, Chief Keef, Vic Mensa and Freddie Gibbs over the past few months. In the next episode of the VICELAND show, which airs tonight at 10:30pm, Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh sits down with Joe Budden to talk about his life.

At one point in the session, Singh brings up the famous Migos incident at the BET Awards, in which Joe dropped the mic and walked out of the interview. “My ethics and my morals, yet again,” he says about what happened. “I’m not gonna sit there while three young men give me their ass to kiss.”

“Oh, fuck these n****s,” he says he was feeling at the time. “It was a false sense of entitlement from these three gentlemen. While my novice co-host and my moderator will sit through it, I will not. I was behind the scenes saying, “Why are we talking to these people?” I’m blunt. I’m insensitive. I’m not filtered. I’m not censored. Things could go left.”

Check out the clips below.

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