Joey Bada$$ Talks About His Role on “Mr. Robot” and New Season

The new season of the critically acclaimed USA series Mr. Robot kicked off last night and everyone is scrambling for to find theories and predict what’s going to happen and we’re just one episode in. You know how this works. Folks figure out half the plot or certain storylines because of Reddit and red between the lines for clues.

We did that last season and we’re doing to try hard not to this time around. Only for the simple fact, we don’t need plots ruined.

Luckily, Joey Bada$$ isn’t doing any of that in this interview, as he talks about how he got his role on the series in the first place, how his relationship is with Elliott (on the show) and how amazing it feels to work with such a great cast.

We’re HYPE that Mr. Robot is back.

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