Kanye West Praises Hitler, Says Obama Killed Palestinians & Talks Post-Interview

Kanye West, Alex Jones Full Interview

Ye goes to Info Wars

Kanye West, Alex Jones full interview is released, as Ye successfully breaks the internet again with his latest claims against a certain group. Now, this is the one interview Kanye West officially crossed the line, as we’ve seen longtime fans of this man finally calling it quits.

With Ye banned from most mainstream media, he was a guest on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show, as he doubled down on a series of past remarks at a certain group of people.

Following his dinner with former President Donald Trump last week, Ye revealed he was running for President again in 2024, which we’re not sure who’s going to vote for him after today.

In the interview, Ye flat out said he admires Hitler, which shockingly made Alex Jones uncomfortable for the first time ever with the public watching.

You can take a look at clips and the full Kanye West interview with Alex Jones, where he also calls himself a Nazi.

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