Kendall Jenner for VOGUE (April 2016)

64 million followers and counting

As you may remember Rihanna did cover VOGUE for the month of April, but one of the youngest Kardashian’s might have topped the superstar pop singer. In a special edition of the magazine, they dedicated an entire issue to Kendall Jenner. This doesn’t mean she’s covered the magazine (yet), but to have every page of the mag dedicated to only her is a huge deal.

In the magazine they visit with her and some of her friends, follow her for a few days to witness her entrepreneurial skills first hand, learn about how she became such a social media giant and more. The spread was shot by Mario Testino and will only be sent out to subscribers in New York and Los Angeles. Below is a video of Kendall and Gigi Hadid having a sleepover party in Chanel.

You can read the entire feature on Mrs. Jenner over at VOGUE.

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