Kevin Hart Explains Why J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Don’t Highlight Their Success

Lil Kev opens up about his personal scandal

This week, Kevin Hart gave his first sit-down interview, after he made some private things public – due to a former friend trying to blackmail. In the conversation, Mr. Hart got real about temptations that followed him in those darker days, as he now tries to keep his inner circle tighter than before.

This transitioned to Lil Kev speaking on starring in J. Cole’s Kevin’s Heart music video, as he explained how the two have known each other since the Dreamville rapper was auditioning for JAY-Z nearly a decade ago. Watch more from the discussion with Big Boy, where he also explains why Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole opt to not brag about their success and accolades.

Dot/Cole at 44-minute mark

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