Kyle Kuzma Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Complex

The Los Angeles Lakers did not make the NBA Playoffs so they’ve had an extended break, which has probably served Kyle Kuzma well, considering he could enjoy his offseason.

In this new episode of Sneaker Shopping, Joe La Puma hits up Flight Club in L.A. to catch up with young king Kuz and talk all things kicks. In the segment, he speaks on some of the shoes he wore growing up, why he fucks with the Kobe sneakers so much on the court, impressing LeBron James with a pair of kicks one time and what it means to him to be a Nike athlete. Considering he’s always wore the check, he also talks about his favorite Jordans and which are best to hoop in.

By the end, he copped three pairs of shoes and spent about two racks.

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