Kyrie Irving Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Complex

The Boston Celtics are going through a rough patch in the Eastern Conference after the expectations were for them to win the East and hit the NBA Finals. Though it hasn’t all been Kyrie Irving‘s fault, he is the face of the team right now and has to assess some of the responsibility as they try to get back on track.

In this episode of Sneaker Shopping, Kyrie linked up with Joe La Puma at Concepts in Cambridge, MA to talk sneakers, his childhood and more.

Irving spoke on his favorite Jordan’s, his love for the skate culture and why he incorporated it into some of his signature sneakers, skating in basketball shoes as a kid and some of the lessons his pops taught him growing up. He also said that when he got his own shoe, he wanted to make sure it was affordable for the kids and something they could own, without it being too expensive for their parents to buy.

At the end, he bough a few kicks and even was gifted a pair of Nike SB “Blue Lobsters.”

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