Lawyer Breaks Down Entire Casanova & NY Bloods Indictment, Compares Federal Arrest to Tr3yway

Hold it down. . .

Lawyer explains Casanova, Gorilla Stone Nation indictment, following their nationwide story last year. As someone who knows about these infamous Thanksgiving raids by the FEDs, some of us were shocked at the entire situation with 2X.

The Brooklyn rapper of Flatbush, is facing serious charges, that could land him behind prison a decade or more. While his case is in limbo until they decide to bring it to court, Casanova formally pleaded not guilty in hopes of being exonerated.

However, a lawyer close to the situation, has explained the entire case – including people having belief that online interviews were the reason his team went down. Below, you can watch the brief clip, where he also compare Casanova’s case to Shotti’s 9-Tr3yway situation from 3 years ago.

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