Lucasfilm Puts Every ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff on Hold

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One of the biggest shockers in the entertainment industry this year, has been the box office flop of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lucasfilm touted the project as the most creative freedom they’ve ever had in the Star Wars Universe.

The company even asked for a delay of the film to next holiday, to properly fix edits and do more re-shoots – which was obviously turned down. Well, to preserve the current franchise, Lucasfilm has officially put every future standalone anthology for Star Wars on hold.

According to Collider, Star Wars Episode IX will be the only focus from Lucasfilm, as they will also try to figure out what to do with the pending trilogy of new Star Wars films.

With Disney losing $50 million from low box office draws for Solo, the spin offs of Boba Fett and an Obi-Wan Kenboi project were two of the stand-outs put on hold. So, we’re not expecting any traction to happen this decade, until after Episode IX hits theaters in December 2019.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the spinoffs being indefintely delayed.

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