Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Debut Trailer Details Emerge

May the 4th be with you in 2018 . . .

This weekend, Disney held their 2017 D23 Expo in California, to introduce a slew of upcoming projects. By far, the most anticipated presentation, was Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – which a private trailer was shown. Unfortunately, no footage surfaced or has been released from the comic-book company; but we have details of what happened. The film, which centers on Avengers and affiliates, coming together to stop Thanos, was teased with a five minute clip.

In the opening sequences, Thor was shown running into the Guardians, meeting on Peter Quill’s ship, The Milano. With tons of cosmic wreckage shown in the scene, Marvel made sure to build hype for Thor: Ragnarok (out November 3, 2017), before giving away the entire clip. Immediately after, we see Thanos dominating earth’s heroes, where Spider-Man emerges alongside every hero.

However, the assembled heroes soon anticipate something bad is about to happen from their biggest challenge ever. Captain America, who’s on the run as a fugitive in Wakanda, and bumps into Black Panther in the next sequence. Spider-Man has another appearance in New York City, wearing the new suit that Tony Starks presented to him, where he battles a few enemies.

After seeing the new advanced and jaw-dropping upgrades of the Spidey-suit (re: ending of Spider-Man: Homecoming), we’re shown Doctor Strange. We soon see Stephen Strange battling alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man on an alien planet built by The Mad Titan.

But, the entire highlight of the trailer, was Iron Man battling Thanos; which power of the Infinity Gauntlet was shown against Starks. Thanos showcased his insane capabilities, destroying an entire planet with the moon, as the entire crowd was shocked before the epic conclusion. Our only gripe with the information that emerged, was there was no footage of The Hulk shown.

We’re assuming nothing will surface, regarding this trailer until December at the earliest – so we will have to wait at least four more months. Take a look at media from the event below.


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