Meek Mill Talks About His Case, New Foundation on ‘The View’

The Criminal Justice Reform gospel is being spread far and wide thanks to Meek Mill and his message landed on The View earlier today as he talked to Whoopi Goldeberg and company alongside his attorney Jordan Siev.

In the interview, he was asked how he came to be on probation in the first place, how the judge has displayed special in interest in Meek’s case and what he’s been doing to not find himself in trouble with the law as a result of his original probation. He explains what technical violations are and how his judge managed to bring up several violations in his case, even when the prosecution or defense did not have a problem with what he was doing.

Though they had to cut the conversation short, Goldberg said they need to do a whole show based on the subject surrounding his case.

Unfortunately, Judge Genece Brinkley was not removed from her position by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court when the petition by Meek’s lawyers was denied. The Justices split a 3-3 vote, which denied the motion.

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