Meet Brian Griffin’s Replacement on Family Guy: Vinny


For the Family Guy fans who are still trying to overcome the untimely death of Brian Griffin, fear not. The creators have revamped the opening sequence of the show and there’s a new face in town. Meet, Vinny. The new dog in the family will take the place of the late Brian Griffin, who saw his time come to a close on November 24th.

Vinny’s voice may sound a bit familiar as The Sopranos’ Tony Sirico will be taking over that role, and even giving Vinny a New Jersey background. What will this mean for the show? What kind of dynamic will Vinny play, especially in relation to Stewie? Who knows, but expect him to be around for awhile. Before you accept Brian is gone forever, he will be making a return for Family Guy‘s Christmas episode on December 15th!

Watch the new opening sequence with Vinny after the jump.

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