Megan Thee Stallion Breaks Silence on Tory Lanez Arrest and Getting Shot At

Though Tory Lanez received a brunt of the backlash for this weekend’s arrest (mostly because of his reported height), Megan Thee Stallion is now coming out and speaking about the incident.

According to Hot Girl Meg, she was shot at in the foot and had to be taken to the hospital for surgery.

In an Instagram post by the Houston rapstress, she says she is now in recovery after the bullets were removed from her foot and is now fully aware of the dangers of what happened. She also claims that this was done to “physically harm” her and is grateful to be alive after such a “traumatic night.”

Footage of that night has surfaced and Meg says she was not arrested by police, but rather taken to the local emergency room after Tory was arrested.

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