Miami Police Are Now Using Drones to Arrest Drug Dealers

Stop selling in open market. . .

After getting permission from a judge, the Miami-Dade Police Department used a drone to make their first ever legal arrest using this tactic. The new tool, which is set to be used across more cities for police surveillance, was authorized by Florida courts to unfortunately capture somebody.

With help from an undercover insider, birds-eye images were taken from a drone of a man walking into a house to sell cocaine to the police detective out of backward. This was enough evidence to secure a search warrant and take the dealer into custody basic narcotics like marijuana and cocaine; a well as guns and ammunition.

A Miami criminal defense attorney issued a statement saying, “This is the first time that a police agency sets up a drug buy with an informant, films the whole thing with a drone, and they did it with the authority of a judge. That’s what made it legal in this case.”

At the moment, state legislators are considering the expansion use of police drones not only in Miami, but numerous high-volume cities across the states. The same defense attorney closed out saying, “If they pass a law, the law is going to probably provide standards so that everybody is treated fairly and impartially by the police when they do effectuate those drone arrests.”

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