Nas Learns of Ancestors Through PBS “Finding Your Roots”

Nasir gets an eye opening experience

If you’re not quite up on PBS’ Finding Your Roots series, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. helps actors and entertainers find out where they came from and some of their family history. The likes of Angela Bassett, Anderson Cooper and others are joining him this season, but one that is also tracing their roots back is Nas.

In this preview, Mr. Jones discovers that his 3rd Great-Grandmother Pocahontas was sold for $830 dollars to a gentleman by the name of Benjamin Franklin Little and this information rattled him. He got to look at the face of the man that purchased his ancestors and the house they lived in. When told that the house burned down in the ’60s, he truly considered buying the land. After seeing the grandma’s Bill of Sale, he was also shown a document that proved she was married, as her first act of being a free woman.

You can catch Nas’ episode on Finding Your Roots tonight at 8pm EST or head over to the PBS website and wait for them to stream the episode in the coming days.

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