Netflix Readies Nicky Barnes ‘The Council’ Biopic with Will Smith after Guy Fisher Prison Release

The Harlem Council // Purple City Gang

Netflix ‘Council’ Movie Will Smith 2021 information is brought our attention, after a member of the Harlem crew is released from prison. Back in 2019, Netflix made the major announcement, that an official Nicky Barnes major motion picture biopic was on the way.

The project is set to star Will Smith; but was unfortunately put on due to COVID. Now, with HBO Max and Starz currently filming upcoming series for this year with strict quarantine rules, news has been brought to our attention.

Following Guy Fisher’s surprise release from prison late last year, Netflix is aggressively moving forward with this Will Smith-starred film.

In New York, filming is set to begin soon, where the Harlem Kingpin’s story will be told to the world. Filmmaker, Peter Landesman, who worked with Will Smith for 2015’s Concussion, is set to helm the project.

For those that don’t know, the United States government revealed that Nicky Barnes was a direct rival to Frank Lucas; as he led an international drug trafficking ring with the Italian-American Mafia. Unfortunately, both men turned federal informants and cooperated with the government, like 6ix9ine, to have their sentences reduced.

Considered Guy Fisher is only 73, we’re more hopeful major that project for him happens within five years. They’ve officially dug into Harlem’s The Council; which has never been done before by any movie maker.

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