Netflix Scores Deadpool Creator’s ‘Extreme Universe’ for Live-Action Projects

‘Extreme Universe’ coming to Netflix!

Last year, Disney confirmed plans starting a streaming service, as they’re looking to produce five live-action Marvel series. With Netflix left in limbo regarding the future of their Defenders Universe, the streaming giant is looking to keep its large base of comic-book TV show viewers. After acquiring Mark Millar’s comic publisher, Millarworld, Neflix has shared some more major news.

According to Deadline, Netflix has signed Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld to an exclusive deal for his Extreme Universe of comic book characters. This new deal includes six Extreme Universe books, which will feature more than 50 characters. Unlikely the current Marvel Universe on Netflix, this will allow Netflix to produce grittier stories from the long-list of superheroes most are familiar with.

At the moment, producer Akiva Goldsman will curate scripts for multiple films and oversee production for the Extreme Universe. It’s unclear how fast Netflix will look to pilot their transition beyond Disney. However, given the rumored top-dollar deal they paid for, it’s likely that something could emerge before 2020. Let us know if you’re excited about the live-action Extreme Universe.


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