Netflix Teases ‘Rhythm + Flow’ Show with Cardi B, Chance the Rapper & T.I.

Back in November when Netflix announced their new hip-hop competition show Rhythm + Flow with Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I., we didn’t know what to expect.

Though they haven’t released a full trailer for the 10-episode series yet, we have a bit of a better idea thanks to the teaser the company just released. From the looks of it, Cardi will be laughing uncontrollably, the three will be having plenty of fun and plenty of artists (from Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York) will be facing off for a shot at the crown like the rap American Idol. Will it overtake current competition shows for millennials?

Look for the episodes to air on Wednesdays over a three-week period with the first four episodes to focus on the audition process. In week two, episodes five through seven will feature covers, rap battles, cyphers and music videos. The show will conclude in week three with episodes eight through 10 and they will feature collaborations, samples and the finale. Seems like an unorthodox way to roll-out a show, but it’s a clever combination of binge and weekly releases we’ve never seen before.

The fun starts on October 9 when Rhythm + Flow premieres on the platform.

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