Nia Long Speaks on Her Rap Song Shoutouts Over the Years

Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of rappers express their adoration for Nia Long. Shit, we would rap about her too if we made music like that. Everyone from Kanye West, Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, and most recently, J. Cole have incorporated her name into their rhymes.

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find out what she thought of all of these shoutouts and she happened to reveal some real gems during her visit on the show.

Apparently, she bought a cherry thong thanks to a line in the “Oochie Wally” remix with the Bravehearts (“Like Nia Long in a cherry thong with the lights on“), which was rapped by Horse not Nas like Jimmy stated. Either way, it was a happy ending for Nia because she said she found her husband that way.

She also talked about first hearing a shoutout at the club, sent a message to J. Cole and her role in the upcoming ABC sitcom Uncle Buck, starring Mike Epps.

And here’s Nia in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for old time’s sake.

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