Nicki Minaj Attempts to “Break the Internet” in New PAPER Magazine Cover

Much like Kim Kardashian before her, Nicki Minaj is trying to break the Internet with a racy PAPER Magazine cover for this year’s Winter Issue. The queen barb shared the cover on Twitter tonight, sending the tweets ablaze with Minaj A Trois shot, where three different Nicki’s pleasure each other.

The video she posted on Twitter beforehand was pretty sexual too.

We’ll be sure to update when more shots from the issue surface, but for now, just get a load of each Minaj accentuating those curves up top.

UPDATE: More pictures from the spread have surfaced, as well as the interview from the issue. In it, she talks about doing more acting, how she would go about doing a female equivalent of Watch The Throne and that Future mixtape that never happened.

Among artists of your generation, you’re pretty peerless. But would you ever be into doing a female equivalent to Watch the Throne?

“I would be open to doing [that] if the time was right. I haven’t thought too much about that, though. The only person that I’ve seen a lot of people speak on, when talking about an album of that caliber, is Beyoncé ’cause we did “***Flawless” [remix] and “Feeling Myself” and we’ve actually performed together. I always see a lot of people saying, “Oh my gosh, a joint album with you guys would be really dope,” but, you know, those are the kinds of things that are just wishful thinking from fans…They’re far-fetched because usually artists are in such different places in their personal lives and career lives that it’s hard to make that work. I mean, I even at one point was about to do a mixtape with Future recently, [but] with me working on my album and with him doing other projects — and he thought we should be in the same place at one point to really vibe — it was hard, ’cause he was on tour and I was in the studio [and the timing didn’t work]. So even when you like an artist and you respect their work, it’s very hard to make those types of ideas come to fruition, but when they do come together like the Jay and Kanye [project], then it’s magic for sure.”

Let’s talk about your movies and acting for a second — do you have any plans to do any more acting work in the near future?

I would love to do more acting. Acting is my first love. Of course, right now is the music portion of my life, but, you know, I can multitask. I don’t see myself doing something now that’s going to require too much time in terms of being on a set for six months, but I’m always open to at least discuss something in acting. I’ll always have the acting bug — I’ve had it since I was in elementary school. I was always doing plays and then went to a performing arts high school here in Manhattan. So I can’t see my life without it, but it definitely takes second position to my music.

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