Follow Nipsey Hussle’s Journey of Opening Flagship Store in Crenshaw

If you’re not aware outside of music, Nipsey Hussle is a great business man. His Proud2Pay initiative is an example of that, with him selling albums for $100 and $1,000. When he’s not working on music, he’s usually tending to his flagship store in his Crenshaw neighborhood, and there’s a documentary about its rise today.

Nipsey talks about the origins of it, when it started, where it started, setbacks and so forth. It’s a lot to learn about the store, and also truly inspiring. There’s cameos from his brother, Nipsey’s close friends and more basically talking about what the store did for them, how it saved them and more. There’s also a lot of flashbacks from years and years ago, showing a young Nipsey and a smaller store and him turning it into all that is today.

Of course in rap fashion, there’s a snippet of new music towards the end and it sounds like a heater. Victory Lap soon come, but for now enjoy Nipsey telling us about how he and his brother came up in Crenshaw.

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