Busted NYPD Sergeant Who Distributed Heroin for 6ix9ine & Tr3yway Bloods Story Breakdown

Tr3yway. . .

Last November, an NYPD Sergeant was at the helm of being arrested alongside 6ix9ine, Shotti and the rest of Nine-Tr3yway. For whatever reason, that story went under the radar, until 6ix9ine and Kristian ‘CEO Kris” Cruz took the stand earlier this fall.

During the federal trial against Harv and Nuke, Kris testified that Arlicia Robinson was the sergeant, who was helping Tekashi and Tr3yway with distribution for heroin. According to CEO Kris, Sergeant Arlicia Robinson was also allegedly the girlfriend of a member in the Nine-Tr3y camp.

Since 2013, it was revealed Kris had been under investigation of the Nine-Trey Bloods, including working himself up to five-star general (we’re assuming through sanctioned murders from his superiors). However, since resigning from the NYPD last December, Ms. Robinson had been released on a 100,00 bond.

She was charged for possession of heroin with intent to distribute; but Kris also testified against her on the stand. Up there, he revealed that the former NYPD Sergeant was hired to transport drugs, because the camp felt she would draw no attention from authorities.

Now, it’s being discussed that she’s currently working out a plea deal; where she’ll avoid serious time like her friends of the Nine-Trey Bloods. Considering Shotti and 6ix9ine had people on the inside, this would make sense that they were moving the way they did – with no fear of punishment.

Look for this story to gain heavy traction in the weeks after 6ix9ine is released from jail in a few weeks.

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