Old NY Mobsters Fear Handing Over Reins to ‘Phone-Obsessed’ Millennials

Old NY Mobsters Fear Handing Over Reins to Millennials

stay off them phones. . .

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal released an article on seasoned New York mob bosses being reluctant to give up their power. This is due to them feeling the newer generation of millennials lack street smarts and ruthlessness of the older Mafia bosses.

This has caused many individuals in the five families to hand over the mafiosi reigns because they feel many are too obsessed with their cell phones. They believe the inner workings would be exposed and put them in predicaments of older cases being re-investigated.

An anonymous Colombo family member told the WSJ that everything is on the phone with them. The five families doubled down on newer generations saying they’re softer and dumber than ever, after growing up in the suburbs, rather than the city streets.

With the FBI getting cases built strictly through social media and texting, this is frowned upon by many mob circles. Just last month, alleged Colombo consigliere Ralph DiMatteo, was forced to turn himself in a federal racketeering case, one day after his son posted a photo of him relaxing in a Florida pool.

Before that, alleged Colombo boss Andrew “Mush” Russo, was also arrested for labor racketeering, extortion and money laundering. This happened after an alleged member was recorded, pushing for Russo to be replaced by not giving up his power at an elderly age of 87.

With push back from the newcomers and OGs reluctant to give up their status and live out their lives as free men, we believe these organizations aren’t the only set of people that fear the usage of iPhones in their organizations.

The Wall Street Journal closed out saying, “It’s so bad, the families’ futures are now more threatened by mismanagement and resistance to replacing the top guys than by gang wars or rats.”

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