Prodigy Talks About Death and Sickle Cell Disease in One of His Last Interviews

We still can’t believe Prodigy passed so sudden towards the end of last month, but his disease was real and ultimately took his life. Many in the rap community knew what he had to deal with, yet most thought he would pull through because he has been doing so all of his life.

In one of his last interviews with VICELAND’s The Therapist series, he spoke on his sickle cell anemia and the fact he got sick recently. He said the pain was so much that he had to be carried to the hospital. This was something he experienced as a young child with his trips to the hospital, which is why he stopped believing in God. He kept praying to take his pain away and when it didn’t happen, he asked himself why he was even talking to this person that wasn’t real.

In this preview, you can hear about that and more. Even more interestingly he talked about a time where he saw a shadow in his room and hid under the covers since he was frightened.

in one of his final interviews, Mobb Deep's Prodigy spoke to Dr. Siri, THE THERAPIST monday 10:30p

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R.I.P. Prodigy.

The full episode with him and Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh airs tonight on VICELAND.

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