Rita Ora Gets Into Sexy Workout Gear for SHAPE Magazine (May 2017)

Hi again Rita

Not even three sentences into the new SHAPE Magazine profile on Rita Ora and they were already saying the single was out. As of now, it’s may be like a tree that dropped in the forest and nobody heard fall because there’s no song and all we have is a new magazine cover.

For months we’ve been saying how Rita’s been more busy with the spreads than the music (but maybe they’re hinting at something). We’re not mad at it. She’s out here hosting America’s Next Top Model and starring in movies, plus doing collabs with Adidas, so we can’t knock the hustle.

You know we’re here for Rita in those skintight workout outfits, though. Maybe a little about why she loves her body. Either way, she’s talking about it and showing it off in the May issue.

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