Sony Officially Delays Spider-Man Spinoff ‘Silver & Black’ Film with Explanation

Coming late 2019?

With Sony officially starting their Spider-Man Extended Universe this fall with Venom, a major film for 2019 has been delayed. Peter Parker spin-off film, Silver & Black will no longer be hitting theaters on its original February 8, 2019 date. This is due to the project surprisingly not even having a complete cast set. Along with that, the film’s final script hasn’t even been finished; which puzzles us why Sony and Marvel Films would even allow that date to stay in their itinerary.

Considering they’re in early developmental stages for Nightwatch and Morbius the Living Vampire live-action movies as well, we’re hopeful this delayed motion picture arrives before 2020 at the latest. At the moment, Sony is looking to give the February 2019 date to another major film, which will be revealed at a later date. Let us know in the comments what you think of this delay.

Sony Addresses Spider-Man Spinoff ‘Silver and Black’ Delay


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