Sony Explains Why ‘Venom’ is No Longer Rated-R

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With Venom nearing its official theatrical release date, Sony is having a last-second change of heart regarding its final rating. The project was set to open in cinemas with an R-rating, which would be the first Marvel-based film outside of the XMU to get an upgrade to adults.

However, Sony is pushing for a PG-13 rating, to avoid a 17-and-up moniker and make the project more family-friendly for kids to see the film by themselves. Sony is still expected to push boundaries of what they can do in the PG-13 realm, without full labeling it with the highest rating.

Many are citing the move for more future Spider-Man spin-offs to retain their family-friendliness, in case they also have a change of heart for bringing Peter Parker into the mix next decade.

Director Ruben Fleischer intends to tone down gore and horror with humor, which means more re-shoots could be in the works later this month. The likes of Morbius, Silk, Karven, Mysterio and Nightwatch projects are likely to follow suit with this same initiative.

Look for the film to arrive to theaters on October 5th.


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