Stephen A. Smith on Why It’s Insulting for Small Booty Women to Talk to Him

Stephen A. Smith Says, Sex Gets In The Way Of Everything!

This week, a hidden interview from a few years back, surfaced with Stephen A. Smith (check his hairline to figure out) discussing relationship. The focal point of the conversation was offering advice to people in relationship – and more so, single guys in their 20s figuring out women.

Much like his morning debate show on ESPN, Stephen A. spoke passionately spoke about how he’s a self-proclaimed booty, leg and hip man; and how that mattered more over his own ego.

After explaining a time when he got into an argument with a lady he was seeing at the whole time, Steve threw out the entire argument he planned after seeing her in lingerie.

Mr. Smith went to say, “Her body was still in the bedroom, but her booty was sticking outside of it,” as he knew getting with her at the end of the day was more important than their disagreement.

Take a look at both clips above and below.

Should You Assume He Or She Is Having Sex?

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