Watch “The Affair” Season 3 Online Premiere

We’ve been waiting on Season 3 of The Affair for a minute and thanks to Showtime, we can watch the Episode 1 a week early before the network airs on November 20. The premiere is live on YouTube for fans who want to see what’s good with Noah, Alison, Helen and Cole.

If you remember correctly, Noah went to jail, Cole found a rebound after Alison and Helen is still trying to keep her crumbling family together.

In Season 3, Noah is getting out of prison and trying to get his life back, Alison is meddling with her ex-husband’s life and Helen is still trying to move on from the divorce. The plots, twists and double perspective narratives will be in full effect so we’ll see how S3 pans out. It was dope to see more perspectives (Cole and Helen) come alive last season.

Watch Episode 1 of The Affair up top and get ready for a crazy ride on Showtime starting in one week.

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