The Game & Himynamesteee Debate Good Pu$$y, Cheating, Dating + Talk ‘Drillmatic’ Album on Hot Tee

The Game, Himynamesteee Sex Talk Hot Tee Episode 3

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The Game, Himynamesteee sex talk Hot Tee Episode 3, has the two having deep dive on bedroom situations, dating and relationships. With Chuck Taylor’s Drillmatic album due out in just three weeks, the legend of the west coast is on promo run for the project.

In his first interview on promo run, he stops by his homegirl Tee’s new talk show, Hot Tee to have a conversation on everything you can imagine with sex talk. From social media dms, dating, cheating, dick size and good pussy is all discussed in this raunchy but classy conversation.

Take a look at the episode below, along with bonus content.


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