Todd McFarlane Reveals Lead for Live-Action ‘Spawn’ & More Details

No release date yet. . .

Last holiday, information surfaced on the official Spawn reboot project, revealing that it would start filming early this year. Well, with 2018 half-way done, Todd McFarlane, the creator of the original Spawn comic, has tapped Jamie Foxx to portray the lead guy in his upcoming.

This isn’t Foxx’s first time in the comic world, as he played a villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This reboot is still keeping its R-rating, but unfortunately doesn’t have a release date. Luckily, with Foxx agreeing to the project, we’re anticipating a green-light for productions in the coming weeks.

Regarding plot details, McFarlane is still quiet on that information – however he keeps insisting that the reboot will not be focused around Spawn’s origins. In a conversation with Comic Book, he went to say, “I can’t do it. I’ve seen too many movies that spend way too much time for the set up.”

So, without spending time explaining his background, the Spawn experience is set to jump right into action of his vision, in comparison to giving a background on his history. We’re not sure how fans will react, but this is similar to FOX’s X-Men film series from the start of this decade.

McFarlane said, “Why do you think Wolverine was so popular? Because we didn’t know who he was for a long time. And that’s what made him cool. And you can argue that… he became a little less cool once you actually gave the origin away, right? So, I sort of liked him when he was like a mystery.”

Look for a release date announcement last this summer.

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