Warner Bros. Looking to Hire James Gunn for DC Comics after Controversial Marvel Firing

James Gunn heading taking his talents to DC?

A few weeks ago, past tweets from James Gunn’s social media account surfaced, which caused an outrage online. Facing pressure, Disney reportedly forced Marvel to fire the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War. This caused many disgruntled cast members of the project, including Big Dave to speak out vocally on wanting to leave the series if they don’t rehire him.

In recent days, Marvel has been pleading with Disney to rehire him, but nothing has transpired.

Well, there’s a large market for the legendary director, writer and producer; as Mr. Gunn is in high demand from studios. Columbia, Paramount and Universal are yet to speak, but Warner Bros. are the only ones making it known publicly that they are wanting to hire the rival studio creator.

In a conversation with THR, one major executive said “I’d work with him in a heartbeat. I’ve been advised that we can’t bring anything to him until the Disney matter is 100 percent resolved.”

In another shocking development, Marvel went as far as to even toss out Gunn’s official script for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which many workers of the project didn’t expect to happen.

It’s unclear how fast this situation will be resolved, but we’re assuming he’ll be joining Warner Bros. to replace one of the biggest problems with their DC Film Universe, Chris Terrio.

Look for more details on this story to emerge later this year.

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