‘Atlanta’ Cast Dances to TLC’s “Creep” in Hilarious Deleted Scene

couldn’t leave this on the edit room floor #atlantafx

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If you caught this past week’s episode of FX’s Atlanta, you saw Paper Boi and company hit up a college to perform for their annual Pajama Jam concert. During the episode, Earn managed to save the crew some money by crashing at a shorty’s crib, who was pretty obsessed with Paper Boi. After the show, she gets jealous because he was talking to someone else and all hell breaks loose. From them getting chased out by the girl’s brothers, to kicking it at a fraternity that had naked pledges and a confederate flag up front. Not to mention Earn getting his ass kicked on the way home and fired from his management position.

This deleted scene that didn’t make the show finds Lakeith Stanfield and Donald Glover dancing to TLC‘s classic “Creep” single outside, while Brian Tyree Henry looks in disgust before joining in himself. From the looks of it, it must have happened right after they arrived (possibly before the show), because they’re all in pajamas.

Either way, it’s a funny scene that we wouldn’t otherwise got to see, but get to now thanks to Atlanta executive producer and director Hiro Murai.

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