Watch A Teaser for ‘POWER’ Season 4

Are you ready for Season 4 of POWER? The show is coming back this summer and James St. Patrick is in a jam. Without giving away too many details, let’s just say it involves his girlfriend Angela Valdez. If you’re all caught up on the seasons, you can watch a clip from the upcoming season which involves Tasha St. Patrick and Joe Proctor having a conversation amidst the arrest.

Tasha is confused at what’s going on, but Ghost’s lawyer is trying to calm her down and give her advice on what she can do right now. She tells him that Tariq has been taken for ransom and she’s been trying to reach him all night. Proctor stresses that the news will break him and she needs to keep it tucked until he gets out of prison.

Season 4 of POWER returns to Starz this summer.

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