Watch Two Powerful Trailers for Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Docuseries

Regardless of how you feel about R. Kelly, the facts are that women have come forward to account for the things he has done in the past to them.

Lifetime has made a whole docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, which will premiere on the network on January 3 and dive into the stories of these women and their alleged abuse physically and emotionally by the veteran singer.

In the two trailers released, we can see the likes of Jerhonda Pace, singer Sparkle, ex-wife Andrea Kelly, Kitti Jones, Asante McGee, and Lisa Van Allen get emotional about what they have gone through, detailing some of the things he did to them. From brainwashing, to feeling like a prisoner and the number of women it happened to, they all tell their side for the cameras.

The New York premiere earlier this month was called off after a gun-threat, but the case is still ongoing and no suspects have been caught as of yet.

The three-night premiere for Surviving R. Kelly goes down January 3 at 9pm EST.

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