Watch the VICE Season 6 Premiere with Michael K. Williams

Everything that Michael K. Williams is involved with, we’re watching. The classic TV shows, limited series, VICELAND episodes and everything in between. For the Season 6 premiere of VICE on HBO, Williams produced a documentary called “Raised in the System,” where he is exploring mass incarceration from a young age, all the way to the grown men who have been in jail for decades.

He even shares the stories of his family, specifically his cousin, who was in jail after committing murder when he was a teenager.

Michael talks to young people who have time to do and hopes to inspire them, so they don’t make the same mistakes and end up in the revolving door of the prison system. He also explores certain cities and counties who are doing things different and rehabilitating these same teenagers, helping them get a better lease on life, rather than just locking them up.

At one point in the episode, Michael got very emotional, after hearing stories of at-risk youth, who have seen and experienced some hardships in life. The one that touched him the most was from a kid who lost both of his parents, but still had the awareness of wanting better for himself and those who go through what he did.

Shoutout to Snoop from The Wire making a cameo live from Baltimore in the doc too. She talked about her experience in prison and told the crazy story how her mom was in the same jail as her, but she never met up with her.

Watch the season premiere of VICE up top. It’s a very interesting watch.

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