WWE Studios Expanding to TV & Digital Content, Decreases 2018 PPVs

Game changer of sorts. . .

With WWE having success on their network app and reality TV for E! network, the Connecticut-based company has big plans in store. This week, Vince McMahon confirmed his company is expanding to scripted TV series, animation, and digital content. With their live wrestling shows and original programming gaining massive followings, WWE Studios feels confident in developing more movies and live-action series, that will likely star members from their roster (no Marine Cinematic Universe).

The company has already aligned themselves with representation from WME, as they plan to release their long-awaited Andre the Giant HBO Documentary next summer.

McMahon issued a statement saying, “Our new expanded focus on television and digital continues to push WWE Studios as a multi-platform production company, with the ability to create original content for global distribution as we have successfully done for the big screen. We look forward to identifying key partners to work alongside us while creating opportunities to use our on-screen WWE talent in new and exciting ways.”

This could be the reason why they also stopped promoting original series on WWE Network, which has been used as a Netflix-way of watching live events and documentaries.

In related news, the company also plans to shorten the amount of pay-per-views they’ll have in 2018, including increasing the number of joint-events on the app. Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in their planned scripted and unscripted entertainment shows.

WWE pay-per-view dates and locations for 2018:

Jan. 28, Philadelphia: Royal Rumble
Feb. 25, Las Vegas: Elimination Chamber (Raw)
March 11, Columbus, Ohio: Fastlane (SmackDown)
April 8, New Orleans: WrestleMania 34
May 6, Newark, New Jersey: Backlash (Raw)
May 27, Baltimore: Payback (SmackDown)
June 17, Chicago: Money in the Bank
July 15, Pittsburgh: Battleground (Raw)
Aug. 19, Brooklyn, New York: SummerSlam
Sept. 16, San Antonio: Extreme Rules (Raw)
Sept. 30, Nashville, Tennessee: Hell in a Cell (SmackDown)
Oct. 21, Boston: TLC (Raw)
Nov. 18, Los Angeles: Survivor Series
Dec. 16, San Jose, California: Clash of Champions (SmackDown)

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