Watch the Official Movie Trailer for X-Men’s ‘The New Mutants’

Coming 2018!

With the X-Men Universe holding the crown for best comic film over the last two years (see: Deadpool & Logan), 20th Century Fox is looking to continue their success with a spin-off project.

This week, Marvel Entertainment drops the official movie trailer for their upcoming 2018 film, The New Humans – which takes a different turn in comparison to other installments of the X-Men. If you remember, director Josh Boone wanted the film to stick out from the XMU, which will contain no costumes or supervillains; thus, making the effort a full-fledged horror film.

In the trailer above, it looks like they’ve actually succeeded in making something watchable from this questionable idea on paper. The trailer, which stars Game of Thrones lead, Maisie Williams, has all of the elements of a traditional superhero-horror film. At the moment, we’re somewhat intrigued to at least wait for initial reviews or see for ourselves in a few months.

Look for The New Mutants to arrive in theaters on April 13, 2018.

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